About  I used to

I used tois the brainchild of Stacy Moore, a mother, a chartered psychologist and spiritually creative soul, who has never let go of her passion for art and dance.

It seems ludicrous to me that there are activities we put a lot of time and energy into when we were young, developed talents and a love for them, and then let them all go in preference for a proper job. If were honest with ourselves, as much as we love the professional careers we carved out for ourselves, the zingy feeling we got from those activities we used to do has never re-emergeduntil now!

Reconnecting with the activities of our younger, carefree, more creative, right brained selves can work wonders for our confidence, energy levels and well, just feeling more aliveor whole.

We can convince ourselves that we no longer have the time or energy to do what we used to do. We can listen to the fear that tells us wed be rubbish at it, if we ever tried again. We canleave the past where it is.

But trust me, if you silence these fears and put aside these excuses, you can allow the wonderful and well-balanced creative adult you to emerge. And when it does, youll wonder why you ever put that paintbrush down!

Dust off your jazz shoes and join in this creative revolution! I used tojust got real!

Why I used to?

So once youve made the decision to reconnect with the creative you, its really important that you find an outlet tailored to your specific needs. I used toprovides a nurturing community, all led by professional, talented and lovely artists in the field. The sessions are beautifully holistic providing a space to self-reflect, connect with a network of wonderful people, hone your craft and leave feeling truly inspired!

I used tooffers so much more than a class.